THING-A-WEEK 2022 begins!

So it’s been years since I posted anything here – literal years!  I’ve made a ton of rando stuff over that time but it seems to be a habit I move in and out of.  In an attempt to keep myself honest and motivated, please allow me to introduce THING-A-WEEK 2022 (Super Special Late 2021 Edition).  Over the last couple of week of this (truly abysmal) year, and over the (hopefully-not-abysmal) next year, I’ll make and post something once a week.  Might be a simple project that takes me an hour, or it might be a small piece of a bigger thing.  Could be I’ll turn a pen, or make some weird electronics thing with flashing lights, or do some boat work, or print a useless plastic thing, but it’s gonna be something.  Welcome aboard.

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