Week 1: Faultier the Swift

Pretty simple Thing this week – my wife and I got a copy of CLANK! Legacy for Christmas and it’s super fun.  Also, super ridiculous at times.  So I figured a ridiculous miniature would be just the thing for my character, Faultier the Swift.  (German for sloth, for those who don’t know.)  Heroforge is a great way to make whatever minis you’re looking for, ridiculous or not, and in addition to printing your designs in all sorts of different materials, they can also just send you a nice high-quality STL file.  Since I have a resin printer (Elegoo Mars 2 Pro and Mercury Plus Wash/Cure station) I figured that would be a great way to go.

A few minutes of tinkering, and I had a weird dragonkin turtle-man with a giant club and a fabulous pose.  One downside is I ended up with a model that had a big hollow in the base:

This is a real problem for resin printers and caused my first couple prints to fail – even with tons of supports there, the base just wouldn’t adhere.  Took a while to realize that this was the issue, and so a little tweaking in Fusion 360 to fill in the base was just the thing.  A little tweaking that took me a goddamn hour since I don’t know how to use Fusion and am still transitioning over from Tinkercad, which is great and really easy to use, but pretty limiting.  And with that done, printing and curing went smoothly and now I have a weird-ass turtle-man ready to go!

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